Eagle Program

The Eagle Program was designed to provide the best educational support for students who wish to attend Top-Ranking University in Canada or in the USA after graduating from high school in Canada. All students are required to stay at our dormitory and attend, if desired or needed, our after school program. The program covers and enhances English language skills in a comprehensive and flexible way in order to maintain a good GPA score.

1. Attendance at a Public School

You will attend a Public School in our area and have access to a full complement of academic and elective courses, English language training, post-secondary preparation and counseling, as necessary, to assist you successfully completing your studies and graduate from a public high school in Canada.

2. Living at the Dormitory

Our dormitory is a place that you will be able to call “home”. As our supervisors stay with you on site, 24 hours a day, you will have instant and caring support that is very important for the success of your stay. Our dormitory has all the facilities for your comfort and convenience. Of course, it’s a secure building with all the safety features and is close to city amenities.

3. Full Academic Management

While you are in our program, you will be provided with full academic support, from course selections to preparing university applications. Our staff will determine what kind of academic assistance you require and present you with the best educational plan. All important factors will be considered to enhance your admission to your “dream” university. You will be closely monitored academically.

4. After School Program (Optional)

Our After School Program is a tailored academic program to achieve and maintain good academic scores. The program will be focused on all aspects of language arts as well as necessary supports. Our professional teaching staff will divide students into different groups depending on their academic achievement level and assess their progress regularly using our Reporting System in a precise manner.

5. Weekend Field Trip (Optional)

You are welcome to participate in the many sports and field trips to the local tourist destinations allowing for the enrichment of your Canadian experience. During the Spring and Christmas Break, we will plan special trips to the Canadian Rocky Mountains and to the Seattle area in the USA or we will arrange a customized trip.

6. Provincial Exam, TOEFL and SAT Preparation (Optional)

In addition to our After School Program, optional programs like the Provincial Exams, TOEFL and SAT preparation courses will be offered.

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