Port Alberni

1. Area Overview

Port Alberni is the largest city and commercial hub of the west side of Vancouver Island. The city lies within the Alberni Valley at the head of the Alberni Inlet, Vancouver Island’s longest inlet, and is bordered by the Beaufort Mountain Range to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Port Alberni is renowned for its marine life, lush rainforests, scenic mountain vistas and cleanest air quality in Canada. As Port Alberni is one of the main ports on the West Coast, it harbours both commercial and fishing vessels and pleasure craft. The city of Port Alberni has established and thrived for several decades with an economy based on the solid foundations of the forest and fishing industry. Tourism, post-secondary education, the arts, agriculture and high-tech industries have steadily grown and contributed to the economy. The lifestyle of the residents, who have chosen to live in Port Alberni, is woven into the fabric of the region’s unique and diverse natural features since the city is surrounded by forests, mountains, ocean inlets and freshwater lakes and streams. In contrast with many industry-based cities in the world, the residents love being in the nature and feeling the nature in the raw and enjoy a variety of recreational activities in nature settings because they think that being active in nature allows them to feel more alive and energetic. By blending nature with the community, the different sectors of the city become closely interrelated and interact with each other to create a significant synergy effect in terms of economical efficiency and social harmony.

Port Alberni

2. Location

The city of Port Alberni boasts its prime location in Canada as the nearest port to the Pacific Rim. Port Alberni is roughly located in the mid-section of Vancouver Island on the shores of Alberni Inlet. Under a well-designed and maintained highway system, Port Alberni is accessible via Highway #4, which connects it with the major cities. It is located 195 kilometers north of the provincial capital of Victoria, 82 kilometers north-west of Nanaimo. In addition, the city provides all types of transportation for visitors and residents, which makes for easy and convenient day-to-day commuting and travelling.


3. Climate

The mild and temperate climate allows people to enjoy a broad range of outdoor activities all year-round. Port Alberni also experiences the warmest summer on Vancouver Island. In winter, it snows slightly, and the average temperature is above 0 degrees. The combination of its moderate climate and wide variety of natural features on the West Coast attracts more and more visitors to spend their vacations in Port Alberni.


4. Community Services and Facilities

In the city of Port Alberni, numerous community facilities are available for people to enjoy their life in various ways: fitness centers, playing fields, skating rinks, bowling alleys, local golf courses. Moreover, the community is reputed to be a great host of sport-tourism activities and recognized as one of the only municipalities which has hosted all four of the provincial games; BC Winter Games, BC Summer Games, BC Senior’s Games and BC Games for the Disabled. The city also offers the modern conveniences (shopping centers, restaurants, art galleries, etc.) and professional services (doctor, lawyer, accountant, veterinarian etc.)


5. Local Events

Port Alberni and the surrounding regions have the capacity to host major sporting and recreational events. The city of Port Alberni provides the vast recreational opportunities to enjoy the benefits of the area fully with its easy access to wonderful nature settings and pleasant climate. The recreational activities in nature settings range from boating, kayaking, golfing, bird watching, water-skiing, wake boarding, kite-boarding, and wind-surfing. Port Alberni also hosts annual Salmon Festival and provides many spots for fishing (as well as swimming, camping, and water skiing) such as Sproat Lake Provincial Park as the city is described as the Salmon Capital of the World and Canada’s Ultimate Fishing Town.


6. School Information

School District #70 is a school district on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia and serves a student population of approximately 4589 students. The district board office and the majority of the schools are located in Port Alberni. The district provides Public Education Programs in Port Alberni and other surrounding towns (Ucluelet, Tofino, and Bamfield). The district currently has nine elementary schools, two middle schools, two secondary schools and two alternate schools (VAST Centre and CHOICES DL). French Immersion is also available by School District #70

The city of Port Alberni is located within School District #70. The district operates public education from kindergarten to Grade 12 in Port Alberni. Life-long learning and continual improvement towards quality public education have always been important and meaningful to the community members. The educators are highly committed to facilitate the academic success of students and improve learning for students by addressing their learning needs and building strong and trusting student-teacher relationship.

Wood Elementary School (K-5)

Website: http://www.sd70.bc.ca/school

Wood Elementary School

A.W. Neill Middle School (6-8)

Website: http://www.sd70.bc.ca/school/awnms


Alberni District Secondary School (9-12)

Website: http://www.sd70.bc.ca/school/adss

Alberni District Secondary School

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