North Vancouver

1. Area Overview

The city of North Vancouver is the natural perfect place for individual, family and community pursuits. As the city has continued to be shaped by its rich history, diverse culture, and awe-inspiring natural environment, the city of North Vancouver celebrated its centennial in 2007. It is a vibrant and diverse city which is densely populated (home to more than 44,000 citizens) with a multitude of residential high-rise buildings and community facilities. The community strives to maintain balance between social, economic, and environmental aspects of the city, resulting in improvement of the economic competitiveness and quality of life. The community members highly value the quality of life every day since they believe that the best-run city should be focused on enhancing the quality of daily life. With its rich history, diverse culture and natural environment, the city aligns the city’s actions and resources efficiently and ensures public transparency to the city’s performance. The city of North Vancouver is also well-known as an award winning city as it has been an active advocate of working towards innovative and collaborative community project and initiative which have been recognized at the national level. With the well-maintained balance among the different aspects of the community, North Vancouver continues to evolve into a great city for people to live, study, work, and do business.


2. Location

The city of North Vancouver is located on the north shore of Burrard Inlet, directly across from Vancouver. Although North Vancouver is separated from Vancouver by Burrard Inet, it can be accessed by the Lions’ Gate Bridge, the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing, and the Sea Bus passenger ferry.

3. Climate

As Vancouver has a moderate oceanic climate, the city of North Vancouver provides an enjoyable four seasons with a mild and sunny climate. Along with its moderate climate, it has mild winters and warm summers. The city is likely to have a high average rainfall and snowfall since it is located on the North Shore Mountains, one of the higher-lying areas of Grater Vancouver. Its pleasant climate teams up with its spectacular natural environment to provide people the chance to enjoy a variety of recreational activities in nature settings.

Climate-North Vancouver

4. Community Services and Facilities

The city of North Vancouver provides a wide variety of services, facilities, and programs designed to engage citizens, connect the city, increase efficiency, create a sustainable city, and encourage active and healthy lifestyles. Residents enjoy urban and healthy lifestyle with a multitude of amenities, arts and entertainment, shopping, dining, and public open spaces. As the city emphasizes the relationship between recreational opportunities and overall wellness of the community, it strives to support the recreational pursuit of all residents. North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission (NVRC) is accountable for providing a diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities suitable for people of all ages, interests and abilities.


5. Local Events

The city of North Vancouver has to host a variety of community events and recreation events for all year-round. There is always something to enjoy and be involved in throughout a four seasons. Celebration events which are sponsored or hosted by the city of North Vancouver include annual cultural events and festivals, concerts, charity events and more.


6. School Information

School District# 44 is a school district located immediately north of the city of Vancouver, across the Burrard Inlet. The district is a provincial leader in developing instructional programs and curriculum resources such as Reading and Math 44. It serves the city of North Vancouver with its world-class instruction and rich diversity of engaging programs to inspire success for every student. Community members place a high value on quality public education to ensure that each leaner can succeed in a challenging program. The educators and staffs of the district are committed to promote academic success and social and personal development by providing the variety of innovative and creative programs. The factors that they value in are the following: high standards of accountability, innovation and creativity, community involvement, and collaboration and collegiality. The district’s student population is approximately 15,800 students, and the district currently has twenty five elementary schools, six secondary schools and an alternative school. French Immersion is also available by School District #44.

Carson Graham Secondary School (8-12)


Carson Graham Secondary School

Handsworth Secondary School (8-12)



Seycove Secondary School (8-12)



Sutherland Secondary School (8-12)


Sutherland Secondary School

Windsor Secondary School (8-12)


Windsor Secondary School

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