Comox Valley

1. Area Overview

The Comox Valley Regioonal District (CVRD) is a regional district on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The CVRD is created on Feburary 15, 2008, following the restructuring of the former Comox Strathcona Regional District into two area districts: the Comox Valley Regional District and the Strathcona Regional District (SRD). The CVRD is comprised of the vibrant municipalities of Courtenay, Comox, and Cumberland and the portion of the Regional District including Denman and Hornby Islands, Mount Washington and a number of charming rural and coastal communities. According to the 2011 Census, the CVRD has approximately 63,538 residents and provides a variety of community services and facilities to improve the quality of life of the residents. As the CVRD is referred to as Canada’s Oyster Capital, it boasts the coveted-tasting oysters which are enhanced by pristine ocean waters, nutrients flowing from mountain streams, and consistent sunlight. The area is a collection of rolling mountains, fertile agricultural land, delicate alpine meadows, lush rain forests, scenic river valleys, and incredible beaches and pristine lakes. With the combination of its stunning natural features and year-round temperate climate, the CVRD is reputed to be an exceptional place for incredible year-round outdoor recreation activities.

The three Municipalities and the portion of the Regional District that comprise the Comox Valley are unique and distinctive from each other.


Town of Comox

Comox town is a beautiful seaside town located in the Comox Valley, along with colourful and distinctive communities. The town has been primarily residential in nature and retains a friendly village atmosphere. Tourism is a growth industry and has contributed to economic wellness of Comox as the town acts as a base for the enjoyment of the wonderful outdoor resources. The town has become a popular tourist attraction as it boasts its good fishing, local wildlife, year-round outdoor activities, and proximity to the Mount Washington ski area, the Forbidden Plateau, and Strathcona Provincial Park. Its well-loved outdoor resources, moderate climate, outstanding recreational opportunities and variety of community services and facilities are the main reasons that Comox is the unsurpassed place to live, work, study and do business.

City of Courtenay

The city of Courtenay is an innovative, vibrant and growing city located on the east coast of central Vancouver Island. The city is a culturally diverse community and offers a wide variety of incredible and wonderful natural scenic vistas. It also provides excellent community services and facilities for people to enjoy the benefits of its many beaches, rivers, and lakes (Mt. Washington Ski and Alpine Resort and world class golfing). Within the Comox Valley Regional District, Courtenay is the area’s largest urban centre for recreation, business, and tourism.

Village of Cumberland

Cumberland is a historic village municipality in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. It is situated in the foothills of the Beaufort Range beneath the shadow of the Comox Glacier. The village attracts and invites tourists to come experience its enriched history. In common with other two municipalities, it offers amazing cultural activities and exceptional outdoor recreation activities.

2. Location

The Comox Valley Regioonal District is located at the midway point of the eastern side of Vancouver Island, approximately 107 kilometers north of Nanaimo and 220 kilometers north of Victoria. It is bordered to the west by the beautiful Beaufort Mountains and to the east by the waters of the Strait of Georgia, Comox Harbour and Baynes Sound. The new Island Highway #19 bypasses the region; it is served by a modern new highway faster than before. Alternatively, people can enjoy the magnificent beachside sceneries through the older Island Highway #19A and access to many campsites, motels, and resorts.

3. Climate

The residents enjoy the best of all seasons with mild winters and warm summers pleasantly. The weather is enjoyable and pleasant since heavy rainfall and storms generally pass over the region en route to the mainland. With its fantastic climate, the Comox Valley is one of few places int the world where people can ocean kayak in the morning, cycle and golf at lunch and ski in the afternoon.


4. Community Services and Facilities

The distinctive and unique communities within the Comox Valley have intertwined economies with residents sharing the benefits of the services and facilities of each community. The CVRD offers not only magnificent natural beauties but also a broad range of community services and facilities in regards of health and medical care, arts, entertainment, leisure, education and amenities. (sports and recreation centres, theatres, galleries, playing fields, parks, hospitals, and schools) As it is a thriving centre of arts, it has four major museums, live theatre, a dynamic music scene, and an active artist community. With many shared public services and facilities, the Comox Valley is a great and welcoming place to live and visit.


5. Local Events

The CVRD, which was awarded the prestigious national distinction of Cultural Capital of Canada for 2007, holds year round cultural festivals and events and. It continues to win recognition from the public for its dedication and commitment to arts and culture. The communities with the Comox Valley also share its special charm to each other to provide the residents a variety of local events.

Local Events

6. School Information

School District #71 is a school district situated on east Vancouver Island in British Columbia and provides Public Education Programs in Courtenay, Comox and Cumberland as well as the surrounding rural areas and the adjacent islands of Denman and Hornby. The district’s student population is approximately 8300 students, and the majority of the schools are located in Courtenay and Comox. The district currently has 15 elementary schools and 6 secondary schools and provides other facilities and programs for educational support.

The CVRD is located within School District #71. The district operates the public education from kindergarten to Grade 12. The members and educators of the communities are committed to develop responsible, compassionate citizens and successful, lifelong learners. The principles that they value and believe in are the following:

  • Trusting relationships based on respect, integrity and ethical behaviour;
  • An environment that motivates and actively engages learners;
  • Innovation and creativity;
  • Strong partnerships, especially between home and school;
  • Accountability and shared responsibility; individual, professional and organizational growth;
  • Celebration of accomplishment
Georges P. Vanier Secondary School (9-12)



Highland Secondary School (9-12)


Highland Secondary School

Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School (9-12)


Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School

Lake Trail Middle School (7-9)


Lake Trail Middle School


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