Maple Academy

Maple Academy Canada was founded in 1999 with the purpose of delivering a quality education program for those who want to come to Canada to enhance their future.

Caring Staff

We have seen many problems facing international students after they arrived in Canada. We know that solid preparation and well-trained caring staff are key factors for the success of our students.

Our Program

We developed and set up our program based on solid research and numerous surveys to reflect the needs of our students. We continue to modify various aspects of our program in order to respond to current needs. All our experiences and accomplishments so far have made Maple Academy what it is today.

Exclusive Recruitment

certificate-one certificate-two

We have proudly become the Exclusive Representative for student recruitment for two public school districts (Qualicum School District and Port Alberni School District).

The effect of exclusive agreements with school districts, is that we have been able to deliver our quality programs to our students more comfortably and efficiently enabling them to attain the best results for their future.

Key Points

Our specialty is summarized by a few key points

  • Intensive after school programs to fulfill students’ academic vision
  • Check and Repeat System for academic enrichment
  • Caring staff listening to students’ voices
  • Active interaction with parents based on regular reports
  • On-going supports for all concerns no matter how minor

We are more than confident that you are on the right pathway to accomplishing your goals in Canada with Maple Academy.

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