Canadian Education

The Canadian education system is consistently ranked in the top five in the world. Canada’s young people are well-prepared to meet the challenges of developing skills that will help them flourish in the future.

Why study in Canada? Education is very important to Canadians and the country is second in education spending (as a percentage of GDP) among the G8 countries. The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) recently released information on student assessment with Canadian students ranking sixth of 57 countries.

British Columbia’s public education system is among the most respected in the world, which is reflected in the number of international students studying in our Province. Currently, there are an estimated 94,000 international students studying in our province. They are enrolled from Kindergarten to University.

Schools in Canada typically begin with Kindergarten at the age of five and continue from Grades 1 through Grade 12, when students graduate. The school year usually begins in September and end in June. It is often possible for International students to begin mid-year in February.

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